We are C.A.G. GERLON

Your reliable partner in fresh fashion, co-creating and delivering best-selling garments

Gerlon is a company of Northern-European origin with over 60 years of international experience. We create very fast fashionable garments. We have factories in Turkey, Romania and Poland. Gerlon headquarters is based in Uden the Netherlands. From Uden we serve our international clients in a practical and efficient way 

You would be surprised to hear which international brands and retailers we work for. Our garments are sold in all major countries around the world. Together with our customers Gerlon creates unique garments with

good resale potential and interesting end margins.  

Gerlon is a specialist in fast fashion. Depending on the garment, we are able to deliver samples within a week. Our average lead times is between 4 till 6 weeks. The lead times are depending on the availability of the fabrics, style and workmanship. We are very competitive and flexible as we select the production factory and country according to the selected fabrics for the garments. We work with all fabric suppliers in Turkey, Far East and Europe. Besides our own R&D department which develops (fashionable) fabrics every day, we have access to more than 10.000.000 meters of basic and fancy stock fabrics. This makes it possible for Gerlon to supply to our customers very quick. The whole process from development to delivery is managed by an experienced and very dedicated team.